Hugh Jackman returns to host The 68th Annual Tony Awards

hugh-jackman Hugh Jackman will host the Tony Awards on CBS this June.

Producers of the annual telecast celebrating the best of Broadway announced on Tuesday that Jackman will once again take up hosting duties for the next awards on June 8 at Radio City Music Hall.

He hosted the Tony’s for three consecutive years from 2003-05, and won an Emmy for his emceeing efforts in 2004.

The Wolverine star announced the news via Twitter. “Couldn’t wait another minute…,” he wrote, along with a link to an Instagram video.

“Guys, I couldn’t wait another minute. I wanted you to be the first to know this year I’ll be hosting the Tony Awards on June 8,” Jackman said in the video. “We’re going to be at Radio City Music Hall. See you there.”

"Hugh Jackman... One Night Only" Benefiting MPTF“We’re thrilled to have Hugh Jackman return to host the Tony Awards,” CBS Entertainment executive Jack Sussman said in a statement. “Hugh is the ultimate performer-actor, singer and dancer-he does it all, second to none. He is a consummate entertainer and the one you want out there hosting your live television event.”

Jackman appeared on Broadway most recently in “Hugh Jackman – Back on Broadway” in 2011. At the 2012 Tony Awards, he received a Special Award from the Tony Awards Administration Committee, for his accomplishments both as a performer and a humanitarian.


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4 responses to “Hugh Jackman returns to host The 68th Annual Tony Awards”

  1. Mitch says:

    Hugh Jackman is a very talented actor and a perfect show maker. I am very glad to find out he will host The 68th Annual Tony Awards. The show is promising to be hot and bright now! I cannot wait for it with much anticipation! I am very happy to hear that the actor is very excited and happy himself. This is so nice! Hugh Jackman is back on Broadway! Hurray! Hehehe!

  2. Ernie says:

    I love Hugh Jackman as I think that he is an a unique actor in his kind, he has such a deep charisma that I guess women from all over the world were falling in love with him only by watching the movies where he performed. I loved the movie there he performed a role of a man who was hired to go as an escort to some lady’s sister wedding, he was so wow, that I felt the huge desire to find this kind of magazine and book myself an escorting man as well. That was the story of a modern “Cinderella” probably, and I really enjoyed it. I think he is the type of man on whom you can always rely on, and know that no matter what will happen in this life, whether good or bad moments he will always stay by your side, instead of running away and letting you go through all the bad things by yourself. Now this is the kind of men that is really disappearing nowadays, and maybe that is why as soon as you see this kind of man, you are falling in love for him, and start acting as a silly girl, though in reality you are quite a strong and powerful woman. I am craving for such a feeling, for a feeling of being in love in such a great man.

  3. Helen says:

    Wow I always respected Hugh Jackman of course but never thought that he is capable of that many things at the same time, I guess he indeed is a huge talent, and I really love watching all of the movies where he is present, as he belongs to the category of actors that are not performing in crappy movies. Usually not every actor is able to choose in which movie to perform or not, as the majority of actors are afraid to turn down the offers to perform in this or that movie, as they are afraid that later they will not have another chance to play and no longer get invitations. And only the most talented ones and the ones who are self confident are able to choose. In general Hugh looks like a self confident and very ambitious person; I am wondering how come that such a gorgeous man is married with a woman who is thirteen years older than he is, if he could had any Hollywood beautiful and young woman he wished? It is completely a non sense for me, and my brain is simply signaling “Fail” multiple times.

  4. Brita says:

    Well, well, well Hugh Jackman, mmm I wish I could put my hand on this Mister. I guess he even more talented than I ever could had imagine, I never knew that he is also performing on the Broadway, I thought he is only a cinema actor. I think I feel a strong desire to go on one of his shows in the theatre now. I am sure that I would really love it, and maybe I will have a chance to meet him in person and grab an autograph. It is a pity that he is married; otherwise I would put on my best dress and pumps and would start chasing him wherever I can. Lol, of course I am joking, though the more I think about it, the more I like the idea, joking again)).