Hugh Jackman’s son doesn’t think his dad is cool

10-hugh-jackman-best-dressed-golden-globes-2013 Speaking on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’, Hugh Jackman said he never talks to his son Oscar about The Wolverine and the boy doesn’t think his dad is anything like the cool superhero character he plays in the blockbuster movie.

The actor said:  ”He never talks to me about ‘Wolverine’. He never admits it’s cool, he never admits, ‘This is great,’ nothing like that. In fact a friend of his was saying how cool and he goes, ‘Trust me, my dad is nothing like Wolverine, he’s not tough, he’s not cool in any way.”’

hugh-jackman-in-the-wolverine-2013But, in spite of the obvious unwillingness to talk about Wolverine, Hugh said that his 13-year-old son jumped at the idea of joining him to watch the movie at 7am. He explained: ”I had to see the movie at 7am and I said, ‘Oscar, I’m gonna see ‘The Wolverine’, I have to watch it in the morning.’ Now this is summer vacation, there is no 7am for a 13 year old. Six o’clock in the morning, he was up, waking me up like ‘Dad, is it time? Is it time?”’

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