Is Miley Cyrus Dating Nick Jonas?

images Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is dating Nick Jonas. The two of them were allegedly seen having lunch together at a restaurant. What’s also interesting is that there were lots of rumors about Miley’s relationship problems these days.

According to some sources, she and her fiance Liam Hemsworth are going through some difficult times and photos of Miley not wearing her engagement ring have showed up. However, the actress denies all the rumors.  “I literally haven’t seen Nick Jonas in years. Don’t believe everything you read folks,” Miley posted on Twitter. “Why are magazines allowed to publish straight bull s**t… I couldn’t have ‘ran’ into anyone because I haven’t went to eat out in public in weeks because of the amount of paparazzi outside my house.”

Even so, HollywoodLife states that a source revealed that she and Nick did meet at the restaurant, giving some details: “There was absolutely no romantic vibe at all, at any time while they ate and while they were there. It seemed more like a meeting than a friendly chit chat or get together – it was a more serious tone, based on their demeanor. They left separately.” The source also says that Liam knew about the meeting.reg_300.MileyCyrus.LiamHemsworth.jc.092912

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