Is Penelope Cruz the next Bond girl?


According to a leaked document from the Sony Pictures studio, we might see Penelope Cruz as the next Bond girl.

Penelope is reportedly favorite to play 007’s love interest in the next installment of the franchise and it is said that the bosses at Sony have been after her ever since Daniel Craig became James Bond in 2006.

A source told The Sun: “Bond bosses have been chasing her since Daniel became 007 in 2006. But schedules and her pregnancies meant it never materialized. At this stage no one at Sony will confirm it.”

The next Bond movie is due to hit cinemas in November, 2015.

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5 responses to “Is Penelope Cruz the next Bond girl?”

  1. Mel says:

    Please NO..she is a terrible actress…don’t ruin Bond for me!

  2. Gregory says:

    I could see Penelope Cruz as a Bond girl (Looking forward to seeing if she will be doing the pre-Bond Theme dancing they always feature before the action starts). Actually, I think Daniel Craig’s wife Rachel Weisz would make a really good Bond Girl or even a Bond Villain! Let’s wait and see.

  3. Emma says:

    Awe wow, I am sure that Penelope Cruz will become a decent girlfriend for the famous 007 agent, as she is an awesome actress. Her performing in “Vanilla Sky” with Tom Cruise has shown me her talent from completely different sides. I know that her way to the Hollywood hills was not very easy considering the fact that she is a Latin actress that is why I admire her so much for being ambitious enough in order to make her dream coming true. What other possible things a girl can dream of? Penelope is a very lucky woman, as besides being a very successful actress she was also able not only to find the man of her dreams, but also to make him her husband, not to mention the fact that he is one of the sexiest and most desired men who ever walked on this earth. Penelope and Javier Bardem is an amazing couple who is welcomed on any party and are known throughout the entire world.

  4. Courtney says:

    I guess it will be interesting to watch Penelope Cruz in the next part of the Bond saga, and I am sure it will not be a problem for her to appear in it, as she already has performed in an action movie where the majority of the stunts were performed by her without using any help, I mean the “Bandidas” movie where she played with her best friend Salma Hayek. I think Penelope really deserves this role, as she put so many efforts in order to become that actress that she is nowadays, and anyway, even if she will not get the role I am sure it will not make her less happy when she is today, as the most important thing on this Earth she has already done, she became the happy mother and a wonderful wife, I think those two things are essential for every woman’s happiness while the rest will appear when time will come.

  5. Hannah says:

    Hmm, if Penelope will be the one who will perform Bond’s girlfriend when I am wondering who will perform the role of the agent 007? I think it would be fun if that role would go to Penelope’s husband Javier Bardem, they already have made an artistic tandem in a movie, and it was a successful one, so I am sure that if they will make a new page in the history about James Bond it would be also a great success from all points of view. Besides, it is quite possible that soon Penelope will leave her carrier for good, in order to dedicate her time to the family completely, so it would be nice to finish the carrier with some loud project that will make people keeping her in mind for the next few years.