Jackie Chan seeks less censorship in China


China is the country known for its strict censorship policy. The ruling party, the Communist Party of China has implemented a variety of laws to conduct censorship, which is applied to television, radio, newspapers, internet, film, theater, literature and other fields.

Jackie Chan and director Feng Xiaogang have petitioned Chinese government officials to end censorship of their films in the country.

Chan said: “I know there’s a risk to saying this, but I don’t care now, because it seems normal that I speak inappropriately. If a movie is heavily censored, cutting all the ‘sharp edges and corners’, its box-office performance will suffer drastically.”

The Rush Hour star also pointed out that censorship had disastrous results for its investors and producers.


“I have a couple of director friends [who went] bankrupt because of poor box-office results,” he added. “Last year, China box office earnings reached 21.7 billion yuan ($3.6 billion), of which 17.1 billion ($2.8 billion) was from domestic movies. Within five to six years, China will be the biggest market. However, if Chinese films don’t take marketization seriously, it will hardly have the chance to surpass Hollywood.”

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One response to “Jackie Chan seeks less censorship in China”

  1. Harold says:

    Yes, less censorship and strict rules in China will lead to its growth and power. They are a very strong country with the biggest market values, cheap work and so much more. If the censorship was lower then people would make even more money on entertainment things. I am glad to hear that Jackie Chan is fighting for more freedom in China and wants his country to surpass Hollywood one day. I do believe this is possible, though will require time and the great shift in the mentality of local population.