Jada Pinkett Smith feared criticism over taking husband’s name

jada-pinkett-smith-plastic-surgery When back in 1997 Jada Pinkett Smith married Will Smith, the one thing she feared was how her fans would react to the fact she took her husband’s last name.

The actress was worried people would criticize her for not being an independent woman if she followed the tradition and changed her name.

She wrote on her Facebook: ”The dilemma you face whether to change your last name to your husband’s is a timely one.

”I have always believed that an empowered woman is one that can stand on her own two feet and has the strength to trust her personal code of womanhood and not necessarily the code that a collective creates as the standard to which an independent woman must adhere to, to actually be identified as…independent.”

will-jadaJada finally decided to just add Smith to her name, instead of completely changing it.

”Each woman carries a different code so that she may never be replicated and is assured her individuality and freedom. As long as your decision reflects your personal code towards building the woman you want to be in this world…congrats…job well done,” the actress added.

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