Jake Gyllenhaal injured on set

jake-gyllenhaal-prisoners-tiff-2013-red_3853455 As Us Weekly reports, Jake Gyllenhaal sustained an injury to his hand while filming scenes for his new movie, Nightcrawler.

The actor was rushed to hospital on Wednesday and returned to set after receiving several stitches.

Jake’s rep said: ”Jake was indeed filming Nightcrawler when during the shooting of an intense scene his character purposefully banged his hand into the mirror. Unfortunately the mirror broke and Jake’s hand was badly cut up. He got numerous stitches at the ER and was released. He already returned to set for work.”

Gyllenhaal has been working hard to prepare for his role and previously revealed he lost weight because his character was both ”literally and figuratively hungry”.

”It takes place in a land where I think there is a desert in a lot of ways, great opulence, and at the same time, great vastness and emptiness. I knew that Lou was literally and figuratively hungry,” the actor said.

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One response to “Jake Gyllenhaal injured on set”

  1. Taylor says:

    Very sad to hear Jake had such an accident at work. Well, any profession has its own “side effects”. I hope he feels better now and that his hand will soon heal. I am amazed that he got back to work right after the stitches were made. I like the purposefulness of this guy. He is a great actor, anyways!