Jake Gyllenhaal single again

jake-gyllenhaal-departing-from-lax_3990100 As UsMagazine.com reports, Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with his girlfriend, the Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller.

The couple ended their six-month romance because Jake had to move to Los Angeles from New York to film Nightcrawler.

A source said: ”They fizzled out. It happened a while ago — before the holidays. He’s back on the scene. Things were really good between Jake and Alyssa right up until he had to leave for L.A. to go shoot a movie Nightcrawler in the fall. Then the distance just really got to them.”

Reportedly, Jake and Alyssa didn’t spend the holidays together and they were having some problems even before that.

”They were apart for the holidays, and things weren’t good with them even before that. She’s very much a long-term relationship girl. He’s not as much of that mind-set,” the source added.

Another insider said: ”Jake was very taken with Alyssa, but I think their work definitely drew them apart.”

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4 responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal single again”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, this is a great part of our life – a choice we need to make. Famous people, who dedicate much time to their jobs cannot be in the relationship when needed. A relationship requires time, love, dedication and a two-way job. When people are not in the relationship, it will die out. To keep the fire burning, you need to be present there first of all. This is what happened to Jake and Alysaa, unfortunately, they are not the first and not the last to come through the break due to being apart due to their busy schedules.

  2. Nikki says:

    Well in my opinion there never was real love between them, because when there is love, and that stunning feeling of “butterflies” in the stomach, than there is nothing else needed. And of course two people will keep struggling for what they have, as this is the essence of life. I guess Jake is simply not ready for a family yet, and that is the result of the fact that he never really loved, or maybe he loved someone a long time ago who broke his heart, so that’s why he doesn’t really puts a lot of soul into his relationships.

  3. Lana says:

    I guess Jake is simply not ready for a serious relationship. Come on! His carrier is going up, he has a variety of offers to work, so eventually he can focus either on work or on relationship, and no wonder he has chosen his carrier, I would do the same thing if I were at his place. Though, from the other side probably he has never been hit by “love” before in his life.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Wow Jake looks so awesome; I guess some people really do look much better by the time they are getting older. I remember the first time I saw him in the movie mm “the day after tomorrow” I guess, it is sort of apocalyptic movie, and it was a great one, I loved it. While looking at his movies now I should admit that his talent has significantly grown and became much more professional.