Jamie Lee Curtis making movie about fay baseball player Glenn Burke

jamie-lee-curtis As Deadline.com. reports, Jamie Lee Curtis is working on a movie about gay baseball player Glenn Burke.

Jamie and producer Ross Katz are making the film to tell the story about 1970s Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics outfielder who came out about his sexuality but was forced to retire by the age of 27.

In an interview  with the New York Times, back in 1994, Burke said: “Prejudice drove me out of baseball sooner than I should have.”

The movie will be based on the player’s memoir.

Curtis said: “With openly gay college football player Michael Sam’s brave and bold statement, he joins the Trifecta of American sports, Glenn Burke – Mlb (Major League Baseball), Jason Collins – Nba (National Basketball Association), Michael Sam – Nfl (National Football League), dealing with gay athletes, and forcing open the door permanently. Our film will clearly honour the force and the struggle to get there.”

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One response to “Jamie Lee Curtis making movie about fay baseball player Glenn Burke”

  1. Patrick says:

    I see recently people start shooting the movies about gays and transgenders. These minorities have entered our lives so drastically and they do not want to leave it, the movies about them are being shot, they are in all TV programs and magazines. With such a great development of gay ‘industry’ I believe we, heterosexuals, will need to fight for our rights and protect our existence we seems to be dying out kind!