Jane Seymour files for legal separation from James Keach

jane-seymour-elton-john-oscar-party_3523731 Former Bond girl Jane Seymour is one step closer to being officially single after filing for legal separation from her husband, filmmaker James Keach.

Jane has previously revealed that she and her husband split earlier this year, in April, after 20 years of marriage. She now wants to officially end their marriage and she filed the divorce papers in Los Angeles last week.

Seymour and Keach have two 17-year-old twin boys and it is said that the actress is requesting joint legal and physical custody and is not requesting spousal support.

In her appearance on chat show ‘The View’ in April, Jane openly spoke about the separation from Keach and said it wasn’t easy for her to make the decision to end the marriage.

2012 Alzheimer Association Rita Hayworth Gala She said: “Obviously it’s really devastating and it did happen a while ago, we sort of kept it quiet… but we open our hearts to one another, we respect one another, we’ve been together for 20 years and we will be together for the rest of our lives… It’s life, it happens and we both have to adapt to the change and the challenge and hope that we can continue to be the best parents we possibly can be and good friends.”

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One response to “Jane Seymour files for legal separation from James Keach”

  1. Timothy says:

    I wonder what is happening in the world. Less and less Hollywood couple last for a life time! I wonder what they needed this divorce for. Being almost a life together they decided to separate. People must be crazy not to cherish what they’ve got. They think they will meet a better partner for the next decades and then what? Divorce again? People just stopped treasuring family and this is so sad!