Janel Moloney helps a woman who collapses on the subway

janel-moloney Helping a female passenger who collapsed on the New York subway, Janel Moloney has proven she is good at handling crisis situations.

The West Wing star rushed to help the woman who passed out on a platform.

An eye witness described to NY Daily News how the actress helped the sick woman, kneeling by her and putting the woman’s head in her lap.

“I mean, it just warmed my heart. She even took out her juice and let the girl drink some. She looked great, by the way,” the source added.

janelWhen asked about the situation, Moloney said: “A young woman passed out in train and then stumbled off the train and collapsed on a platform. I had just taken an emergency first aid class, so I kind of summoned up my list of Things To Do and Not Do! She passed out, probably due to the heat.

“She was breathing fine. I just sat with her until she came to and talked to her until help arrived. People kept wanting to pour water on her face and I told them that would just make her wet. I felt like I was the person there who was responsible for her somehow. I was really happy I could help.”

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