Japanese Women – Top 2018 Beauties

Japanese Women – Top 2018 Beautie Learn the current information about Eastern beauty. Discover the most popular and most beautiful Japanese women 2018.

The canons of beauty in recent years are increasingly being drawn under a common trait for different countries. In India, fat women, the heroines of the old cinema, are no longer considered ideal, at international beauty contests high growth – the criterion of selection for all nationalities.

And yet some differences in the parameters of beauty, due to the characteristics of culture and anatomy are remained. Japan is one of the nations with a huge heads, but the Japanese do not make this a problem and cultivate complexes. Big head – is considered in Japan a sign of beauty. The Japanese make a lot of efforts to visually increase the size of the head.

Ryoko Kobayashi

Ryoko Kobayashi

Bulk knitted hats with large pompoms, which are worn until the summer, even in warm weather are very popular in Japan. Both men and women usually wear voluminous haircuts, which is easily attainable, because the Japanese hair is naturally thick.

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Although some gourmets prefer full Japanese women, thinness is an indisputable sign of beauty. Japanese are world record-holders for reducing their own weight and dieting. Indeed, sometimes the daily ration of Japanese girls is only tea, a few dried fruits and low-fat fish.

Genetically, the Japanese women have swarthy skin. Like many Asians of the world, they aspire to be white and perfect this. The Japanese are the most white nation among Asians. This is achieved with the help of quality Japanese cosmetics: sunscreen and whitening products. Even in the summer, many Japanese women wear long-sleeved clothes covering the body, gauze bandages are dressed on the face for the same purpose – to protect themselves from sunburn. A small percentage of Japanese prefer to be swarthy, they spend a light time on the beaches and easily reach the goal.

Ai Tominaga

Ai Tominaga

The Japanese dislike the Asian incision of the eyes, and in various ways tend to “make” themselves European eyes. Big eyes, like everywhere else, in Japan are considered a sign of beauty.

Not every European can appreciate the beauty of eastern women, but there are Japanese women celebrities that won the hearts of men and women all over the world. For example, Ryoko Kobayashi – model. This girl differs from her compatriots in her great desire to make her eyes even bigger. Ai Tominaga is a Japanese supermodel. It sounds almost as proud as a Japanese car. Yuki Nakama – this actress embodies a living portrait of an ideal Japanese girl. She has neat lips and cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes.

Yuki Nakama

Yuki Nakama

Japanese women are real experts of make-up. Even when they use “Nude” make up, it takes some time and efforts to achieve an effect of natural beauty. They tint only the eyelashes; along the line of eyelash growth, they use a pencil of brown or gray; comb and slightly emphasize the eyebrows with a pencil. Also, often use a special colorless gel to tame disobedient hairs. They look fresh and natural. As the French say, a la naturel.

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