Jared Leto: ‘I’d rather marry Kanye West than Kim Kardashian’

jared-leto-15th-annual-warner-bros-and_4022074 Speaking to MTV, Jared Leto said he would prefer to marry Kanye West over Kim Kardashian.

The actor also explained his choice – he says he and Kanye simply have more in common.

When asked to choose, Jared replied: ”There’s a basis of a relationship, and we always have an interesting conversation. And being able to talk to your spouse I could imagine as being a really important thing to do. You have to have an eternal conversation, if you’re going to be in a relationship. You have to be with someone you can talk to about anything, forever. So I’d have to pick Kanye.”

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4 responses to “Jared Leto: ‘I’d rather marry Kanye West than Kim Kardashian’”

  1. Nicki says:

    If speaking about a partner from the point of view of having much in common, then it is ok. What about gender compatibility? Or is Jared bisexual or gay. I am not aware of this fact. Can someone enlighten me on this matter, please? Well, this choice was ridiculous from the point of view of gender compatibility and the title of the article was really captivating. LOL

  2. Lempichka says:

    What’s one of the craziest things I have ever heard, I mean seriously, marrying a guy over a girl, especially a girl who is considered a sex symbol? I think there is definitely something wrong with Jared Leto, as it is simply impossible to say something like that while being completely stable from the mental type of view. Yes I do respect Kanye West, and think that he is one of the people in Los Angeles who deserve respect most of all, along with other good people, but I would never even consider being with a person who is same gender as I am only because there is more understanding. And in general I think that there are no people whom cannot understood each other, but there really are people who are not listening to each other and as a result they do not get anything in their relationship, and destroy that precious something that they had for each other before they started something in what they were not planning to succeed. Those are how I live, I or start something and do it at the best possible level, or I don’t even start. And I think that next time Jared should think more careful about what he is saying.

  3. Jadda says:

    Ha ha, I haven’t been laughing like that for a very long time, and I really do love laughing. I mean seriously a straight guy is saying to the entire world that he would rather marry a man than a woman because he is talking quite well to that man and they have mutual understanding? I mean it is certainly a bul***t. Jared Leto has really messed up by saying he would rather marry Kanye West than Kim Kardashian. And what is wrong with Kim Kardashian? When did the time, than big boobies were attracting men, have finished? There is definitely something wrong with Jared, maybe he has problems with his eyes? Or he simply changed his orientation, and I do not judge here, as Kanye really is an awesome guy who is not only looking damn good, but is also very intelligent, which is a very rare thing between rap singers by the way. I think there are only a few good rap singers nowadays, and those are: Kanye, Jay Z, Timbaland aaaand, probably that’s it.

  4. Greer says:

    Well I cannot judge Jared Leto for saying something like that, I would do the same thing if I were him, and except the only difference between me and Jared is that I am a girl. Awe God, this article has really made my day. I do respect Kanye West a lot, but I still cannot figure out how could he choose a woman like Kim Kardashian, I mean there are so many gorgeous women in Hollywood who have a perfectly clear reputation, but he have chosen the one who done many things that she cannot be proud of. Well, probably that is exactly what love is about. It is about meeting same crazy person as you are, and going with that person hand in hand through your entire life. I can imagine Kanye going hand in hand with Kim, but I cannot imagine Kanye going hand in hand with Jared! LOL!