Jared Leto: My Oscar is a filthy mess


Even though the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor he won has opened many doors, Jared Leto admits he is not very concerned with the statue itself.

The Dallas Buyers Club star openly says he has damaged his Oscar while passing it around at parties.

Speaking to the Associated Press, he said: “I damaged it. But then I came home and saw it had another nick on it. So it looks like someone else had fun with it, too. My Oscar is a filthy mess. Everybody was pawing that thing. I kind of was just passing it around at parties. A couple of times I lost sight of it and I thought, ‘You know, if it goes away, it’s not meant to be mine.’ But it always seemed to find its way back to me.”


After the success of Dallas Buyers Club Leto has become more interested in the movie business than he was in the past few years, so it looks like we’ll be seeing him a lot more of him in the future.

“Yeah, I’m looking at scripts and reading scripts. Which is interesting because I didn’t read scripts for years before Dallas Buyers Club,” he said.

“But now…you have opportunities to work with people that you really respect or admire, people whose work has been inspiring and influential.”

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3 responses to “Jared Leto: My Oscar is a filthy mess”

  1. Michael says:

    I think it’s great Jared Leto is interested in so many different creative or artistic ventures outside of acting. I really felt that Dallas Buyer’s Club was essentially very similar to a TV docu-drama. The subject matter, langauge and theme propelled it into the theaters. The acting of course was great and I liked the movie. Honestly I waited until it was released in secondary formats to view it. I thought the film was very sad and tragic Since movies are so expensive I only can afford to see films that have either visually dynamic or comedic elements. I like to see comedies with friends and laugh with a crowd. Anyways his performance was terrific and I don’t see any reason for the hate speech here.

  2. Faye says:

    Who does this creep think he is ? If that’s all his Oscar means to him, I bet he won’t get another one. He acts like a fool, hair does nothing for him, and probably not that great of an actor either. There are actors and actresses out there that deserved one more than he did. What an idiot.

  3. BJ says:

    Yes Jared your oscar is a filthy Hollywood Transphobia bigotry case where you were provoked by others to play an actress/transgender woman and therefore supposedly meaning a drug addict, escort with aids.
    Hollywood sucks…******Entertainment industry cover up department: The supervising art director for Django Unchained, Interstellar (2014), Amazing Spider Man, Spider Man 3, Iron Man 1 &2, A Few Good Men, Lethal Weapon films, Charlies Angels and many other films lost at trial last month on charges of sexual a s s a u l t, libel and intentional inflcition of emotional distress of award winning transgender singer Bralalalala. The director had been offering solicitation of the singers products but the singer did not realize it required sex until she was a s s a u l t e d on his couch after being declined a ride home. The girlfriend of the director lured the singer and other women to the house at other times on strictly platonic professional related pretenses. The directors effort to sue the singer and random others was dismissed. The criminal case remains pending and this civil case is not appealed. The case was not reported to keep the social status quo being that the victim is transgender and the assailant is a director of so many blockbuster films.