Jared Leto performs in Ukraine


Expressing his support for the pro-Western citizens of Ukraine, who have been protesting against the policy of their government for a month, Jared Leto spent two days in Kiev.

He performed with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars and visited the Independence Square, where he paid his respects to the victims of the violent clashes with local police and took pictures at a memorial.

Hitting the stage at Kiev’s Sports Palace, Leto addressed the crowd by saying: “You guys are in the midst of something really beautiful and it may be difficult, but there’s no price too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. And I want to let you know, I understand other bands have cancelled their shows, but there was no f**king way, no f**king way 30 Seconds to Mars wasn’t going to be here in this beautiful city, in this great country here tonight.”

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5 responses to “Jared Leto performs in Ukraine”

  1. Johnny says:

    Great that Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars didn’t postpone their concert in Kiev. I hope it was a free concert then if he is so supportive to the Ukrainians. Still, he has no idea what is f…g going in Ukraine and how far from truth he is. Anyway, politics is always a dirty business and ordinary people are those, who suffer and this is very sad, all this brutalization and innocent victims.

  2. Charlie says:

    I admire Jared Let for not being afraid of the dangerous situation in Kiev and arriving there for the concert. Still, if he so supportive to the Ukrainian people why wouldn’t he help them or arrange a free concert? It seems like people just like talking much and do not do much. Deeds, not words are appreciated in such situation. I do not think that the concert is what Ukrainians really need now.

  3. Inna says:

    I guess it was very nice of Jared Leto, as well as of his entire band “30 seconds to Mars” to visit the Ukraine, as I am sure local people needed some support after all the things that they were going through. And it was very nice of him to walk in the streets and speak with his fans, Kiev truly was a very beautiful city before all the revolution has taken its place there, and I am sorry that a lot of architecture monuments were destroyed there, as well as many people have suffered as someone’s child died there, or simply was harmed, I guess that is the pain that will live in the hearts of Ukrainian citizens for many, many years. It is so easy to make something bad, but it is so hard to correct the mistake later, the worst thing is that there are cases when there is nothing left in order to be corrected.

  4. Renee says:

    Of course it is very nice from Jared Leto, as well as from his band to visit Ukraine and support local people who suffered a lot lately from the war that happened to be in their country, but I am wondering if that was not an usual PR move from him, as I am not sure their concert to this country really was scheduled before or during all the revolution times. So my point is , that if it was a simple PR move, than I am sick of the Jared Leto and the whole band, as there things that simply should not be done, and one of them is that you are not allowed from the morality point of view to make yourself looking better in front of the society and people on behalf of the people who are suffering and going through difficult times.

  5. Lynn says:

    Well I was in Kiev a few times of my life, so I definitely agree with the fact that it is a very beautiful city, the only thing I am not quite agree with is that I am not sure that it looks same beautiful as it looked a few months ago for example, as a lot of monuments were burned or destroyed but a stupid not thinking crowd of people who were fighting, well only they know what they were fighting for. People do some bad things that they regret later from time to time, but unfortunately those are the things they cannot correct later.