Jason Patric’s ex-girlfriend granted restraining order against him

jason-patric-stand-up-for-gus-benefit_3952271 As Jason Patric’s battle to see his son Gus continues, the mother of the child secures a one-year restraining order against the actor.

Patric fathered the boy, 3, with girlfriend Danielle Schreiber via in-vitro fertilization. But the couple later broke up and California law recognizes him only as a sperm donor. This means the actor has no parental rights, as he wasn’t married to the mother.

In 2012, Patric filed for joint custody, but lost his bid earlier this year. And now Danielle attained a restraining order against him.

He tells The View, “For 10 months I’ve been emailing her lawyers letters, texts, anything to see my son. I’ve been sending her articles about what happens when a father is absent from a child’s life… She found that harassing and lecturing to her. She goes to a judge and those are unwanted communications, so I am not now allowed to communicate with the mother of my child.”

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One response to “Jason Patric’s ex-girlfriend granted restraining order against him”

  1. Anthony says:

    I feel sorry for Jason. This is very bad when you have a son growing and when it doesn’t work withy our partner you have to lose the baby as well. This is the pain; I do not wish even my enemies to come through. I hope the court will recognize his rights. However, I have a question, why not married? Why agreeing to be the sperm donor only? Still there is a power in a marriage, even if it is only at the court.