Jason Statham got the role in ‘Hummingbird’ thanks to David Fincher

450515-statham It was David Fincher’s advice that got Jason Statham the role in Steven Knight’s new movie Hummingbird. Filmmaker Knight asked several experienced Hollywood directors for some tips before he started the whole project and Fincher was the one to suggest Statham for the lead role as a homeless former soldier.

Steven spoke to the reporters at London premiere on Monday and said: “When I decided to direct my screenplay, I spoke to a lot of directors I’d worked with for advice and David Fincher told me the only person he would cast in this role would be Jason Statham. I thought, ‘He knows what he’s talking about.’ I’ve always admired Jason’s work and I thought he had a great physical presence. But the ultimate clincher was David Fincher.”

rosie-huntington-jason-statham-hummingbird__oPtStatham was very glad to accept the role and he admits that working on this film was a unique and valuable experience for him. He said: “Actors get educated on many subjects, but this one particularly hit home because it’s rooted in reality… It was really interesting and a privilege to go into the homeless world and to meet real soldiers.”

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