Jayson Blair can’t accept Rumer Willis’ alternative lifestyle

Rumer+Willis+Jayson+Blair+6qPIR9nPkqZm For Jayson Blair the alternative lifestyle that Rumer Willis has embraced is just too much to deal with and this is reportedly the reason why their relationship is on the rocks.

The two of them split in November after 15 months together, but earlier this month they looked to have reunited. The main problem in their relationship is Rumer’s new-found love of meditation, healing crystals and yoga, which is something Jayson can’t fully accept.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ”Jayson got fed up with Rumer’s wacky alternative practices. He tried his best to go along with her, but it’s just not his bag. He missed doing normal, ‘couple things’ like making dinner, going to the movies and enjoying a glass of wine. Rumer even swore of caffeine and alcohol.”

In June this year Rumer, 25, and her mother, Demi Moore, attended the three-day Kundalini yoga Summer Solstice event, where they took part in practicing White Tantric Meditation.

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2 responses to “Jayson Blair can’t accept Rumer Willis’ alternative lifestyle”

  1. Jasmine says:

    It is very hard to date a person, who has a different life style. To stick together people need to have common interests and enjoy similar things as nothing much will unite them after all. I see Jayson misses simple life things that every down to earth person enjoys, while Rumer is thrilled with the new practices and yoga. Maybe her mom and instructors shouldn’t be so categorical on her???

  2. Amy says:

    It is hard to live with the person, who has a total different outlook on life, different standards and so on. This is what new philosophy in life does to people. Yoga is changing people’s life and Rumer Willis is a bright example of it. Still, I cannot understand what is more strong – your new world perception or your true love?? Well, maybe it wasn’t that true then?? I hope they will find a way out from the present situation as it is not good nether for Jayson Blair nor Rumer Willis.