Jennifer Aniston had awkward phase in her 30s

jennifer-aniston As she’s approaching her 45th birthday, Jennifer Aniston says she is happier than ever and feels more youthful than when she was 25.

Looking back over her life, the actress admits that she went through ”awkward phase” in her 30s and she is enjoying life more these days.

She told Parade magazine: ”There’s nothing to worry about getting older – although I don’t think I had a care in the world at 25, either. That all started in my 30s, my awkward phase. I’m a little bit of a late bloomer! But it doesn’t matter to me because it just gets better. They do say youth is wasted on the young, but I feel just as youthful now – if not more – than I did when I was 25. I’m more in my body; I’m more in my mind. Life is full. Life is wonderful. We’re very, very fortunate.”

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One response to “Jennifer Aniston had awkward phase in her 30s”

  1. Dorothy says:

    I love Jenny and I like the way she looks indeed, she looks much better now in comparison to her 25 year-old shape. I am happy she feels her best approaching the 45 years old Still, I hope she will have a baby soon as the biological clock I sticking away, dear. I just want you to know the happiness of maternity and continue the great genes with beautiful and smart kids. I hope she marries Justin soon and starts a happy and a harmonious family.