Jennifer Aniston put wedding on ice again

article-0-16A61185000005DC-192_634x802 It looks like we won’t be seeing Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedding anytime soon. As People magazine reports, the We’re The Millers star put her wedding on hold again.

Jen started making plans for the big day in September and even included some friends, but now she seems to have changed her mind because she wants to focus on her career.

A source close to the actress told People: ”She had included her friends and seemed excited about the process. But now Jen said she needed to focus on work.”

It is also said that Aniston is no longer enthusiastic about having a baby. The source added: ”There was a lot of baby talk in the past, but she is not focused on it. She’s aware her age makes it more difficult. Her attitude is, ‘If it happens, great, but if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be.’ ”

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2 responses to “Jennifer Aniston put wedding on ice again”

  1. Jenny says:

    It is sad to see that such a beautiful lady is thinking of work first rather than family. Well, maybe she just doesn’t feel like she has found the Mr. Right. And the time is ticking away. The biological clock is not eternal. I wish for her to review her life priorities and start a family. It will make her happy. If she wasn’t interested in that, she wouldn’t have been so excited about the big day. Or maybe the relationship went wrong, who knows???

  2. Samanta says:

    I was looking for Jennifer to get married. I want to see her happy and in a wedding dress. I believe this woman deserves to be happy in a family and I am sure she will make a great mother. You are a perfect age for delivering a baby, Jenny. And never say it wasn’t meant to be, take your life in your hands and make things that you want to and not what should be done! I wish you only all the best, girl!