Jennifer Connelly: Working with my husband was strange


For Jennifer Connelly working with her husband, director Paul Bettany, was strange.

Speaking to DuJour magazine, the actress said that filming Shelter, directed by Paul, and going to work every day with him was a weird experience.

”It was kind of strange, going to work in the morning with the director,” she said. ”But it really seemed to come quite naturally to him – phew – and it was an amazing experience to have had together.”

Even though Connelly had originally expected a special treatment from her husband, she was surprised to see that she was in the same position as other people on the set.

”I had this fantasy that we’d talk about scenes all day. In reality, if the man sat down, there was a line of people wanting to talk to him. Since we moved so quickly, I think he felt his wife was the least of his worries,” the actress added.


Jennifer and Paul, who have been married for more than ten years, have three children together, but Kai, Stellan and Agnes don’t realize that their parents are famous people.

Jennifer said: ”I think they’re interested in the same way all kids are interested in what their parents do, but fame doesn’t come up. They’ve seen hardly any of my movies, but they’ve been on almost every set.”

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One response to “Jennifer Connelly: Working with my husband was strange”

  1. Katherine says:

    The couple looks happy to me and I am glad they have had this experience to work together. It was pleasant to know that the film director Paul Bettany has treated his wife Jennifer Connelly same way as the rest of the cast. I cannot understand why it gave a strange feeling to wife to get to work with the movie director, maybe she was just not used to that, but why strange? Well, we women always complicate things, unlike men, who feel comfortable working with the people they are married to. Hehehehe! As to me, it was a great tandem!