Jennifer Garner nervous about Ben Affleck’s co-star

ben-affleck-600 Jennifer Garner feels insecure about her husband’s co-star Emily Ratajkowski and she asked Neil Patrick Harris to keep an eye on Ben Affleck on the set of Gone Girl.

Jennifer is worried something might happen between Emily and Ben.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: ”Jen has asked Neil to watch Ben like a hawk, especially around Emily. He has a legendary weakness for beautiful women and she’s terrified he won’t be able to resist her. It’s obvious Emily has no inhibitions about using her sexuality in her work and she’ll definitely share some hot scenes with Ben.”

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One response to “Jennifer Garner nervous about Ben Affleck’s co-star”

  1. Steve says:

    Jennifer Garner has real grounds to worry. Emily is a gorgeous woman and Ben s known for his weakness to fall for such type woman. So, it would be interesting to follow how this situation will end. I am not for breaks among partners, but I am just a curious outside observer. Actors and actresses are interesting to watch not only from screen, but from their personal life point too. Call it bad, but I am telling the truth!