Jennifer Garner wanted to feed co-stars pasta

Jennifer-Garner-Height In order to prepare for the roles in their new movie The Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto went through a dramatic weight loss and their co-star Jennifer Garner felt so bad for them while shooting that she wanted to feed them ”big bowl of pasta”.

The both actors play AIDS victims in the movie and Leto lost 40 pounds while McConaughey managed to shed 50 pounds.

Garner admits it was upsetting to see them in such conditions. ”It was shocking and upsetting and really hard to see … I wanted to feed them a bowl of pasta,” she said.

The actress recalls Matthew and Jared’s commitment to losing weight for their roles and says she was completely awed by their hard work. She said: ”They never complained, neither one of them. They were completely focused and ready to go and their performances are just remarkable, really unbelievable.”

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One response to “Jennifer Garner wanted to feed co-stars pasta”

  1. Don says:

    Well, for the roles they dream about actors are ready to do many things: gain or lose weight is one of them. Then they get diabetes like Tom Hanks did. As they say art requires a victim! Young and healthy people become ‘victims’ of art. I would feed them a bowl of – pasta too! )))