Jennifer Lawrence looks up to Meryl Streep

jennifer-lawrence Even celebrities have role models and for Jennifer Lawrence it’s Meryl Streep.

Speaking for the Spanish magazine AccionCine, the 23-year-old actress said she admires Meryl because of the way she deals with the spotlight and handles her career.

When asked who she looks up to, Lawrence said: ”Meryl Streep, not just because of her acting but because she’s Meryl Streep and I’d like to live my life the way she has lived hers. The way she went away with her kids, we never saw pictures of her babies. I respect that a lot. And it’s not like I’m that way, because generally I want to do tons of things. I want to produce, I want to do this or that, and have a heart attack at 25 (laughs). But she’s only an actress and I like that.”

jennifer_lawrence_688068The star of David Russell’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has also revealed that she almost turned down the role in the hit movie.

”When I took the part in American Hustle I had the option of going on vacation for three weeks or shooting this movie. Part of me didn’t want to do it because I knew I really needed to take a breather, but I couldn’t not work with David, so I said yes. And I realized it was much better than a vacation,” Jennifer explained.

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One response to “Jennifer Lawrence looks up to Meryl Streep”

  1. Tracy says:

    I like Jennifer Lawrence a lot. The new hair style is very becoming for her. I like that she has a role model of Meryl Streep. I like her not following the latest tendencies of turning the screen in a porno. I like her reserved nature and her preference to keep private things private. I also like the fact she is very sociable, friendly and open personality with strong character who knows what she wants to do and how this should be done. Deep respect to you, Jenny!