Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart split


Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are no longer an item. According to several reports that emerged on Friday, the singer and former dancer ended their two-and-a-half year romance.

A source close to Jennifer told People: “It just came to an end. And they both knew it. But just because it ended didn’t mean they had to be enemies. She cares for him very much. He’s a good guy. He’s really a very good, stand-up guy. It came to a natural end, and they didn’t want to make any big announcements that they were having problems.”

The source claims that the couple split about six weeks ago, but remained close and Casper still hasn’t moved out from Jennifer’s house, although he is expected to do so soon.

Jennifer+Lopez“They were having problems for a while, but she wanted to be supportive and was concerned about him,” the insider added. “For him being so young, he’s handling it very adult … He’s really sweet and young. And that’s the truth. She’s not a victim. She’s in a great space.”

“It’s something they’ve been privately dealing with and they’re both resolved to move on,” the source concluded.

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3 responses to “Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart split”

  1. Lily says:

    Well honestly speaking in all this situation i feel very sorry for Casper Smart, as all the time during his relationship,with Jennifer Lopez he has been nothing but tool that Jennifer was using in order to revenge on her husband Mark Anthony whom cheated on her, and in order to make him suffer same as she was suffering when he done it. I will not be surprised if eventually a little time after this split Jennifer and Mark will get back together, after all they have a very long history together, and he was the only man in Jen’s life who really loved her, and everything about her, her bad bossy character and pretty much everyhing that was making her the person she is.

  2. Giovanna says:

    I knew it! I knew that Jennifer Lopez will get bored soon with her new puppet toy Casper, the only thing i didn’t expect was the fact that it will last for that long! God, i think Casper has a very tough and patient character as enduring Jen for that long probably wasn’t the easiest mission in the world, i guess she is supposed to make him a monument for standing her that long, as she is known for her mean character, same as the famous model Naomi Campbell, they both became real bit***s after becoming famous and for some reason of their own they think they are allowed to do anything they want without paying attention on the fact that they hurt people with the way they are treating them!

  3. Lena says:

    Ta da!!! I am so happy to read this news as i am sure Jennifer will get back to Mark now, those two really belong to each other, and they suffered for too long while being apart from each other, so it was about time. The funny thing is that i read not a long time ago the article which was stating that Mark has split his long term woman not a long time ago as well, so as soon as i read that i knew that soon he and Jennifer will get back together, i will not be surprised to know that they already are, or had some secret affair for some time before the separation with their so called soul mates. Anyways i am happy that the situation is the way it is, and i am hoping that soon i will read about the happy family reunion, what can be better than that.