Jennifer Lopez drinks ‘green juice’ to shed pounds

wenn4151714 Jennifer Lopez wants to be in perfect shape so she has been working with a health coach. She has a brand new diet plan and is delighted with the results.

A source said: ”She hired a health coach and they worked on using foods and fresh vegetable juices to cleanse her organs. She has green juice with kale, parsley and wheat grass three times a day. She’s been eating quinoa and has cut out wheat and all things processed. She only eats meat that is organic, free range and grass fed and for the first month she cut out all animal products. It wasn’t easy, but she says it’s the best thing she’s done for her body.”

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One response to “Jennifer Lopez drinks ‘green juice’ to shed pounds”

  1. Megan says:

    Well, we all like looking great and be in shape. So, we all have come through this or that dieting or healthy eating habits at this or that stage of life. The strongest of us do this the entire life – being active and eating healthy. I am happy Jenifer has a string will. However, I do not think she had any pounds to lose. I hope she doesn’t turn into an anorexic that deserves pity only and an irresistible desire to feed her.