Jennifer Lopez: I’m a vegan now


In order to stay in shape Jennifer Lopez has decided to change her diet and go vegan.

The singer, who was awarded with the 2014 Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards, told New York radio station Z100: “Being vegan, it’s basically no diary, no meat, everything is just plant based and just from the ground. I love that I’m eating more greens. It makes you feel so much better.”

But she added: “Butter is the one thing I miss! Butter makes everything taste better.”

However, she recommends the diet to everyone.

“You do feel better. I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great,” Lopez said.

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5 responses to “Jennifer Lopez: I’m a vegan now”

  1. Cortney says:

    Hopefully she stops wearing fur & stops wearing makeup that isn’t tested on animals in addition to her diet. I thought it was odd that I saw Ellen degeneres in a cover girl commercial the other day since she is a vegan & cover girl test their makup on animals but I guess money is more important than beliefs to some celebrities.

  2. Lorali says:

    Eating a vegan diet doesn’t make her vegan. She still wears dead animals.

  3. Pauletta says:

    Maybe you should blame the writers you morons….obviously she’s a vegetarian and NOT a vegan…duh..
    Last I heard, putting on furs or leathers didn’t affect your diet….

  4. Nicolle says:

    I’m trying to be a more positive Vegan/Vegetarian but I don’t believe these celebrities are truly going Vegan. They are trying to get attention and being plant based has been “popular” lately. I think is a shame that people like Beyoncé and JLo do this just for publicity. Like many people have commented here; she still wears fur, which is the worst thing you can do when you call yourself Vegan. Those truly Vegan celebrities don’t make a big fuss about it. They do it quietly and genuinely.

  5. Deborah says:

    Actually, something positive can come out of this article. There are lots of fans that may consider a plant-based diet, just because of the article. If only one other person decides to change to a plant-based diet, it is worth it. It will help their health, it will make a statement to food producers, it will help the environment and it will help the animals that would have been slaughtered to feed that one person. I have been plant-based for 2 1/2 years, and I do think about my other purchases, such as animal testing and leather. Fur has always been a no-brainer to me, I think it is sad and a bit sick to see someone walk around with part of a dead animal draped around their back. Leather is no different. Let’s be happy that another person is giving it a try. She may not be totally vegan, but maybe one day she will.