Jennifer Lopez: My views on romance have changed


Speaking to PopCrush, Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her Dance Again world tour was a ”turning point” in her life.

She easily got back in the studio after the 2012 tour because it gave her a completely new perspective on life.

She said: ”My goal was to just be as honest as I could. You know, I’d gone through a lot in my life right at that point when I went on tour. I’d been through a divorce.

”A lot of things had happened. I really felt like it was a turning point in my life. I’d learned a lot about myself. I grew out my perspective on a lot of things – changes, including love – and there was just a lot that I had to say. Plus I had grown as a performer and as a vocalist on the road. All of that stuff is in this album.”


Jennifer, who has two kids with ex-husband Marc Anthony, is now in a relationship with Casper Smart and says that her views on romance have changed over the years.

”My topic is love. It always has been. It’s my motivation. That’s who I am at the essence. But what I thought about love for my first nine albums is very different from what I think about it now after everything I’ve been through,” she explained.

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4 responses to “Jennifer Lopez: My views on romance have changed”

  1. Pete says:

    With years and new experience in life our perception f the world around us and us in this world is changing. I am glad that Jay Lo has her center on love as always – this is very impressive I just hope that her realization of love in the world and her life has become deeper. I will be looking forwad to the last music album to sense the changes of my favorite singer.

  2. Veronica says:

    Hmm I guess it is a pretty interesting way of advertising the album from Jennifer Lopez’s side, it feels a bit weird to me the fact that she is speaking about it so much. Yes of course it is good that she went into that tour, I am sure that it relaxed and cleared off her mind a little bit from all the troubles linked with the divorce, but from the other side, she was that person who asked for divorce without even having some major reasons for it. She left two children without a father just because at some point she realized that she is not that madly in love with her husband as she used to be at the beginning of their relationship when it comes to me, when I read something like that, all I am capable to think of is that is a fu***ng bul***t.

  3. Tyler says:

    Jennifer Lopez never stops surprising me, I am wondering there is she taking all of the songs that she is releasing as it seems to me that she never stopped working since the success of her first album, of course it is very well, but from the other side, all of people are working in order to live and not the vice versa thing. She is not the same, as she is living with her work, I am not sure whether she is a good mother or not, as being a real mother doesn’t really mean in my opinion having a whole army of nannies but being there for your children when they need you, to have sleepless nights when they are sick, or to sing and read them before they go to sleep, to see their first steps, and to hear their first words, that is what being a good mother means, but I can certainly say that Jennifer certainly is a great singer.

  4. Sally says:

    After reading this article I already can’t wait to hear Jennifer’s new album, I am sure it will be a total “bomb”. She really is great in everything she is doing. She is a wonderful singer, a great actress and just an adorable woman who is being very strong at the same time, for those qualities I really respect and admire her at the same time. She is the number one example for me of the person who due to ambitions and a lot of work was able to gain everything that she ever wanted from this life.