Jennifer Lopez to star in NBC detective drama

jennifer-lopez NBC has announced the release of their new detective drama, Shades of Blue, that is set to debut in 2015 and Jennifer Lopez has signed on to star in the 13-episode series.

She will also produce the police drama, along with Ryan Seacrest.

NBC describes Shades of Blue as “a complex police series that centers on Harlee McCord, a single mother and detective recruited to work undercover for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force.”

“The script is so powerful and ambitious – we can’t wait to see Jennifer take on this remarkable role,” said Seacrest.

Jennifer Salke, NBC Entertainment President, stated: “Whether it’s producing, acting, singing or any of her other many entrepreneurial Ryan-Seacrest-Jennifer-Lopezactivities, Jennifer is an extraordinary talent and life force, and we’re delighted to be in business with her and Adi Hasak on this sophisticated show.”

“We’re especially excited that Jennifer is returning to her acting roots from such great movies as Out of Sight,” Salke added. “And we know that she will create this complicated character in a vivid way that will breathe new life into the cop show genre.”

This will be Jennifer’s first television drama acting role and also the first time Seacrest has ventured into producing TV drama shows.

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3 responses to “Jennifer Lopez to star in NBC detective drama”

  1. Mitchel says:

    Indeed, a great role for Jenny. She is a very talented singer, actor and plus a successful business woman. I like everything about her and she looks sexy with the gun. I cannot look for the new series to appear on screen, even if I have to wait till 2015. I am all impatience now as she is just perfect for the main character role in the new NBC TV series Shades of Blue.

  2. Marcy says:

    Mmm I guess it is a perfect role for Jennifer Lopez as somehow the scenario is reflecting on her own personal life, she is also a single mother who raises children, so maybe if she will link those two lives of hers the real one, and the life of her character on the screen it will be much better and easier for her to go through the process of getting back to normal after splitting with her husband Marc Anthony. Although she is in a relationship with Casper Smart it is pretty obvious to me that she still loves her ex husband Marc but her pride and ego are not allowing her to forgive him for cheating on her. That is the classical case when a woman makes herself continuing suffering instead of forgiving and giving one more choice not only to the man but to her to be happy again also. Here I remember the case of Tori Spelling, who was also recently cheated by her husband, but she put all of the possible efforts and forgiven him for the sake of the family and children they have together. And I think Jennifer should at least try and follow Tori’s example, who knows maybe it will help her to get rid of all the sadness that lately never disappears from her eyes.

  3. Mary says:

    J Lo comes back to the world of cinema! It is some great news, I loved all of the movies where she performed, and damn it she really is a very talented actress, not every actress can be proud of the same thing. Like for example Madonna has tried many times to perform in the cinema, but her talent in it simply su**s! While Jen is a real star, I am just wondering who will take care of the kids while she will be all time busy, they already stayed without their dad so there is no need to shock them even more.