Jenny McCarthy: ‘I wish I stayed out of the sun’

jenny-mccarthy-jenny-mccarthy-hosts-official-dirty_3976476 Jenny McCarthy regrets having spent so much time in the sun when she was younger.

She wishes she had been more careful in the past and paid more attention to her skin, like Nicole Kidman.

She said: ”I wish I knew when I was younger not to lay out in the sun. Aging, skin cancer. I wish I would have Nicole Kidman-ed it throughout my whole life. I also wish I would have known to drink more water. And I wish I would have known to wait until I was 35 to get married. I think women really know who they are by the time they are 33. I think in your 20s you’re still searching.”

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2 responses to “Jenny McCarthy: ‘I wish I stayed out of the sun’”

  1. Megan says:

    Well, interesting article and interesting Jenny’s comments. I agree about sun and skin cancer and photo aging. I wonder if Jenny has got nay problems with it. I hope this is just only aging that is brothering her, not a skin cancer. Then I agree about people not know what they want from life and a partner in their early thirties, but a woman also need to think of the kid and having then in a youthful body is better for the healthy of a woman and baby. So, this is not quite reasonable form biological point of view and aging, but much explainable from social and mature side.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hell, we are all smart when it is late! We do not treasure health and beauty and youth when we have it and start taking great care of it when we start losing it. Drinking much water and not tan much is the way to keep your skin form premature aging and help it look better and younger for a longer time frame. I am not sure about the marriage after 35 as this is very unique matter. I believe one should marry when have met their true love, no? Being mature is not only the matter of an age, but the lessons we take from life.