Jessica Alba: Acting is like a drug

Jessica-Alba For Jessica Alba acting is addictive and that’s why she won’t stop doing it anytime soon.

The 32-year-old actress says that the best thing about her job is that she can pretend to be somebody else and especially enjoys playing characters that are completely different from her.

She told Nylon magazine: “It’s been liberating to be able to play someone who’s a badass or promiscuous because that’s the opposite of who I am…It’s like a drug. I don’t have to be a boss; I don’t have to be a wife; I don’t have to be a sister.”

Jessica claims that she has learned a lot thanks to acting and is able to try things she wouldn’t normally have the chance to.

The 2nd Annual Baby2Baby Gala “Before I was so fearful of failure and judgment that I was scared to put myself out there,” she says. “I used to be so hard on myself . But you have to realize that as long as you don’t make a habit of it, tomorrow will be here, and everything will be OK.”

“I know how to ride a motorcycle, I can do wire work like you see in the circuses,” she adds. “I can shoot a gun. I know how to fight, too.”

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5 responses to “Jessica Alba: Acting is like a drug”

  1. Mitchel says:

    Jessica Alba is a hot and gorgeous woman and definitely and awesome and very talented actress. I like her roles and she always manages to portray her character so vividly and truly that you have no other choice rather than to believe her. She is very convincing on the screen, no matter what role she plays. I am glad that she enjoys acting the same way as we enjoy her from the screens. Good luck and much success in your hobby-job, dear! This is definitely your cup of tea!

  2. Tim says:

    Only when acting becomes your obsession, your drug, then you can reach such height in cinematography as Jessica Alba did. She is a very talented actress, who is very convincing on the screen. I am happy she is not going to give up acting and takes new and new projects. This is defiantly her cup of tea and I am happy to hear it brings Jessica much joy and happiness to be an actress. The results are evident!

  3. Leanne says:

    Ha ha, I guess Jessica Alba gained many talents due to acting, though I am not sure of there and how she will use all of those, as in our peaceful time, those talents are kind of not that well appreciated. And from the other side, that probably gave her some steel nerves needed so much when you have small children. I consider myself as a good mother but sometimes my kid drives me so nuts that I am willing to grab the kid and through it into a wall, which makes me a bad mom probably, but if I were able to have all those nerves and discipline as Jess has, than probably I wouldn’t be that stressed. My favorite movie with her is actually not a movie at all, it is a TV show where she played for two seasons “Dark Angel”, she was a real bad ass in it, and probably many girls have made same tattoo she had on her neck after the show was released. Lol, I would have done it myself, but my mom found out about it, and never let me doing it.

  4. Lesley says:

    Jessica Alba, has done a lot for the cinema industry, I think there is only her and Charlize Theron, who are able to look like angels, but at the same time have probably more power and strength than an ordinary man has. And I like that, I think that there is no difference whether you are a man or not, you need to have muscles, and you need to have a beautiful strong body, I know it is hard, and it is very obvious that she works out a lot in order to look the way she looks like, but the result is right there. I am glad she likes performing and is not planning to leave cinema carrier after having babies as I really enjoy seeing her in the movies.

  5. Brenda says:

    How is she doing that? I mean Jessica Alba, how does she manage to be a good wife, wonderful mother and great actress at the same time, maybe she has a twin sister or have clonated herself and we simply have no idea about that? I tried comprising all of those with having only one child, and I never succeeded so I have no idea what is her trick, but I would love to know that. And not to mention the fact how she looks like after giving life to two wonderful children. Her shape is even better than it was before, damn it, I am all jealous here, I still try to lose pounds after pregnancy though my daughter is almost two years now.