Jessica Alba: Beauty comes from confidence


One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Jessica Alba, believes that beauty comes from confidence. She says that attractive women are healthy and happy and they have positive attitude towards life.

Asked to share some tips that would help women who are not confident enough, Jessica told “Don’t focus on negative things, concentrate on the good times you have with your loved one. If you want to change your appearance because you don’t feel good about yourself, go for it and work hard to reach your goals.

“But at the end of the day, focus on your good qualities because true beauty comes from confidence in yourself, happiness and kindness. Regardless of your appearance, that’s what I think of as a beautiful woman.”


Alba is often on ‘the sexiest women’ lists, but she says that her body is not as perfect and she works hard to maintain her good looks.

“I don’t have a perfect body. I know how to emphasize my curves, that’s all,” she explained. “I choose clothes that accentuate my body, but it’s taken years of practice. I do sport even though it’s not enough in my opinion. I practice yoga, dance, I drink lots of water and I eat healthy. At least, I try.”

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4 responses to “Jessica Alba: Beauty comes from confidence”

  1. Emil says:

    So, true, so true, can’t help agreeing with Jessica Alba. Smile to the world and it will smile back to you! I am reading about how facial expressions can influence how we feel. There was this study done where there was two groups of people, one group held a pencil with their lips so they could not smile and one group held a pencil with their teeth so they were forced to smile and they watched a funny cartoon and the group with the pencil held with their teeth found the cartoon twice as funny so if you ever feel somber just force you self to smile and after a while your mood will lighten. Interesting!

  2. Dina says:

    I believe Jessica Alba is just perfect, in everything she does; starting from her performance in the movies, and finishing with the way she is living her life. I guess due to her inner rich world she is capable to maintain a healthy family, and by healthy I do not mean the physical part of the matter, but the fact that she is happily married for many years, and as far as it seems to me, her marriage will last till the end of her life. Jessica knows how to live in the right way, that is giving her confidence and the ability to look into the mirror by the end of the day with a proud look and knowing that she did everything correct.

  3. Ashley says:

    I think Jessica Alba is one of the best Latin actresses in Hollywood; I respect her really much for the fact that I have never seen her in any nude scene in a movie. I guess that she is a sincere and nice girl, who will never feel ashamed in front of her children for the way she was acting a long time ago. What can be more important than that? I often think about the poor children of the celebrity parents, how are they feeling at school where each of their classmates has seen their mother or father naked? Or how do the parents of those celebrities feel? It is a good thing that Jessica’s family will never suffer from anything like that.

  4. April says:

    Yeah Jessica Alba is trying, and it is pretty obvious she does that, as the result is simply amazing! I think every woman in the world is not perfect, we all have some issues with our bodies, someone has a too big a**, someone has small breasts; someone doesn’t have a feminine curvaceous body and so on. But not all the women in the world unfortunately know that those are not the most important things! While the most important things are to be able to show the best things about body and at the same time hide the wrong ones. And if the woman is at the same time able to work on the bad parts of her body in order to improve them like Jessica Alba does, than it means that this woman is perfect!