Jessica Alba is a prude

jessica Her role as stripper Nancy Callahan in Sin City movies certainly brings out Jessica Alba’s love appeal and she is considered one of the hottest Hollywood stars. However, Jessica doesn’t see herself as sexy. In fact, she says she is a prude in real life.

In an interview with Loaded magazine, the actress said: ”I think a lot of women with children are sexy. It’s weird thinking that because you have children you don’t have ownership or you can’t have love appeal.

”You don’t stop becoming a woman, that’s for sure. And it does make me laugh when my name appears in those ‘sexiest actress’ polls because that is just not who I am. Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a real prude!”

Despite playing a stripper, Jessica has never taken her clothes off for a scene.

”I am not naive about the way Hollywood works. I know that love sells movie tickets. But a good director can make a scene sexy without me taking my top off.”

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