Jessica Paré: Auditions are like dates

Jessica Pare

Speaking to Stylist magazine Jessica Paré has compared auditioning for roles to going on a date.

The actress admits that for her preparing for an audition is much like getting ready for a date, which means putting in hard work.

She said: ”You give your best years to your career. You spend all your time working on auditions, and it’s like getting ready for a date, which sucks. You go to an audition where you’re barely acknowledged and it’s a difficult grind to do year after year.”

The Mad Men star has also revealed that meeting with directors can be very frustrating.

She explained: ”I’ve had lots of meetings with directors who tell me they want the character – a girlfriend – to feel like a real person. And you always want to say, ‘Well that’s great, why don’t you just write a real person? As you would, you know, a man!”

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5 responses to “Jessica Paré: Auditions are like dates”

  1. Angie says:

    Acting is a tough business with high competitions, so no wonders why auditions are very important for getting the roles. Definitely one needs to get ready for it very well t get the results he/she wants to achieve. I agree to Jessica Pare who has compared these auditions with dates. The more years behind your shoulders you have the more complicated it gets. Besides, gaining your professional experience you also get tired of some things and working with some people in the same industry can be really tough. I wish Jessica Pare only easy-going ‘dates’ in future.

  2. Sharon says:

    I like the comparison that Jessica Pare made. Yes auditions look lie dates as they are as nerve wrecking as the dates are and require you looking well and knowing how to behave in this or that situation to obtain the desirable result. The comparison is so right, that I will have to remember it for myself! Keep it up, girl!

  3. Inna says:

    Well I think Jessica is a bit overreacting, as honestly speaking a real woman should look like a million dollars not only on a interview, but every single day of her life, my grandmother was always used to tell me, that I should put a lipstick on myself even when I am on my way to throw the garbage on the backyard, as I never know when I will meet my fate. So same I can say to Jessica, of course the feeling can be tough than people are staring at you like at some garment for sale, but from the other side, we all are looking like that on the things we want to have, we always are choosing the best option. This is the way my life is, and hopefully it will continue being same way. I think there are no ugly women in the streets, but there certainly are a plenty of the ones who suffer lack of makeup and self confidence. Two of those things are the most important ones in the world for a woman.

  4. lana says:

    Ha ha, I know this feeling, I had it a few times, especially on the blind dates, that are so “carefully” set by your friends, and turn out to be a disaster after. Hmm, it is something I would certainly not wish to other women to go through. Of course it is a risk all the time, but who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink Champaign afterwards. I loved the “Mad Men” TV show, and although it was a show mostly for guys, I would say that I learnt really a lot of useful things and tricks do to it, so after all it is something worthy , and Jessica Pare has performed really well in it. When I look at her she reminds me of such actresses as Jessica Biel and Charlize Theron, actually I think Jessica Pare is a mixture of the two previously listed actresses, her behavior is same mischievous one, and at the same time same feminine one. Hopefully soon she will get the role she is so dreaming of.

  5. Kelly says:

    I think it is the funniest thing I have ever read, I am glad that between the actors there is such a fun girl with great sense of humor. No one ever said that being an actor is so much fun, well actually this works not only with the acting thing, but with any other profession in the world. I am glad that Jessica Pare has touched the subject, now all the other young girls who dream of becoming actresses and think that they are not doing many things on the motion stage will realize that it is also a hard job that besides acting requires the ability of show yourself in a good way in front of the society and producers.