Jim Carrey cheers up high school baseball team

jim_carrey_and_the_high_school_baseball_team_646831 Jim Carrey spent some time with a high school baseball team and cheered them up after they had lost an important game.

The actor was on a meditation retreat at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa and ran into the group of teenagers at a local Burger King. The boys were sad that they lost the game so Jim decided to board their bus and cheer them up by doing some of his famous comedic impressions and taking pictures with the team. The boys were thrilled and they shared the picture on social media.

Jesse Jablonski, the team’s coach says he wasn’t sure it was Jim at first, but he was quickly convinced because Carrey ”just has those unmistakable facial expressions as he talks”. The coach also said: ”I kind of heard some whispers from a few of my guys in the background. I didn’t really think it would be him at first. What would he be doing in Fairfield, Iowa?”

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