Joan Rivers: Miley Cyrus is disgusting!

joan_rivers_681997 Joan Rivers has joined the long list of people who don’t like Miley Cyrus’ behavior. The ‘Fashion Police’ star has branded the young singer ”disgusting” and finds her recent performances inappropriate.

She told Britain’s OK! Magazine: ”Enough! That girl is disgusting. She should know her audience, and her audience is 17-year-old girls! I would never have let Melissa (daughter) go to a concert like that at 17 years of age.”

”There has got to be authority figures and people who have checks and balances on these young kids, especially since things have become so out of control with the internet,” Rivers added.

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One response to “Joan Rivers: Miley Cyrus is disgusting!”

  1. Stella says:

    I agree with Joan Rivers and join the club. What Miley Cyrus doe sin her shows it is disgusting. Though she is a great singer, her shows are crazy. They actually distract from her talent and make her look like a whore. This is definitely not a show for a seventeen year old lady. Her motives apply to low instincts and this will never do. This is a definite decay and degeneration in values. I feel pity for Miley and generation that likes what she does on stage and screen! This is simply DIGUSTING!