Joaquin Phoenix terrified by fans

joaquin-phoenix-premiere-of-warner-bros-pictures_3997493 Not everyone enjoys being in the spotlight and Joaquin Phoenix is one of those stars who tries to avoid the Hollywood lifestyle.

The actor has revealed that he is scared when fans approach him because is not used to celebrity status.

“Celebrity is so not part of my life,” he explains. “If I’m walking around and somebody comes up with a camera, it terrifies me. I can imagine that if you are Johnny Depp, for years you’ve had such a level of fame that you are somewhat accustomed to it and you expect it when you go out.

“I’ve managed to avoid it to the extent where I sometimes get trapped in situations that I don’t know how to deal with. I feel overwhelmed.”

joaquin-phoenix-celebrities-arriving-at-lax-airport_3499249Joaquin is doing everything to lead normal life and insists he is not like other people in the movie industry.

“Compared to other people in the business I do live a normal life. I can’t get off set and away from it fast enough. I leave and I don’t talk to anybody in the business at all for a couple of weeks. I hate the beach. I don’t like travelling. I’m not being evasive. I just don’t like the things that most people would like,” he added.

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One response to “Joaquin Phoenix terrified by fans”

  1. Jerry says:

    Joaquin Phoenix is really a man of a unique kind. I like his personality and him being different form most of Hollywood celebrities makes him even more appealing to me. He is just breaking eth stereotypes and is being himself. This is what I appreciate about people most of all – just being themselves and not following the requirements of the status. Fans and paparazzi should remember that we all have a right for a personal life and stop following famous people! Let them live freely!