Johnny Depp and Kate Moss reunite for Paul McCartney video

johnny-depp-premiere-dark-shadows-09 Sir Paul McCartney reunited Johnny Depp and Kate Moss on the set of his new video. The former couple just couldn’t say no to the legendary musician so they are both in the promotional clip for ‘Queenie Eye’.

An insider told Daily Mirror: ”They really try to avoid one another in public because there have been raw emotions in the past – but neither could say no to Macca. They only have little roles, but it’s the first time they’re appearing on screen together since the split.”

Johnny and Kate dated for four years before they split in 1998.

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One response to “Johnny Depp and Kate Moss reunite for Paul McCartney video”

  1. Erick says:

    Well, not breaking news! This is only a professional hook-up. I thought they truly got back together, but this was only for a show. Sad enough, they were a great couple. Still, Jamie Hince – Kate’s husband wouldn’t be happy of this, so he really has nothing to worry about…yet…