Johnny Depp: I’ve never googled myself

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Computers and technology are definitely not Johnny Depp’s strong side and he prefers to stay away from the internet since he is afraid of what he may find about himself.

The actor admits he has never even searched for himself on Google.

He told Tele 2 Semaines magazine: ”I’ve never googled myself and I never will! I would be too scared to discover lies and horrible things written about me.”

When it comes to using computers, Depp says his skills are so poor that even his children, Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11, stopped asking him for help with their school projects.


He said: ”I’m pathetic! You should ask my children! Before, they used to ask my help to do research on the computer – for a class project, for instance. These days, they’ve realized there’s no point. The last time I asked if they wanted help, they told me, ‘Go and play your guitar, dad!’ ”

However, Johnny is an iPhone user and has a favorite application, even though he doesn’t remember the name of it.

Asked about his must-have app, he said: ”I’ve forgotten its name. It allows you to retouch photos automatically.”


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3 responses to “Johnny Depp: I’ve never googled myself”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Ha ha, favorite app is allowing touching photos automatically, really? And that is the best thing Johnny Depp is capable off, now I feel like I really want to laugh, and to laugh as hard as I can. I think Johnny is hilarious, and the truth is that although I am better than he is about computers, I am pretty sure that I will same useless to my children by the time when they will really need my help at school, and the more I realize that, the worse I feel myself as eventually I don’t want them to feel ashamed of their mother, but what can I say if the progress is going further while I keep staying at the same place as I simply do not have time in order to evolve with it. at least I am pretty as my husband tells me, so hopefully it will help me a lot in the future, but if it will not, then I think I will figure out of some other trick.

  2. kit says:

    Hmm, unfortunately Johnny Depp is really right about kids, the progress is not staying at the same place, and for them it is much easier to get adjusted to it, like for example before, I was very severe about video games and all kinds of Play station, but now I have changed my view about it, as I clearly see myself that it helps my boys developing the logical thinking, and besides that I am glad to see that it is a good stimulus for them, as they are not allowed to play videogames until the moment than they will completely finish doing their homework, which I check very carefully, so they cannot trick me in order to start playing earlier.

  3. kit says:

    I guess every person in this world has its own place and its own special meaning. Some of us are very good wives or husbands, other ones are very good friends, some of us are better in the humanitarian types of lessons, and the other ones in the mathematical ones. The main thing is that we all are good in something specific to our character, so my point is that if Johnny Deep is so good in performing on the stage, and playing his guitar than what can possibly be more important and better than that. I think that nothing for sure. So it is the time when he should stop feeling bad about not being able to help his children with the projects, especially considering the fact that he is starting a new family soon and obviously will not spend that much time with his children.