Johnny Depp: There’s no hostility between me and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp

Newly-engaged Johnny Depp says that he and his former partner Vanessa Paradis are very close, despite the rumors suggesting otherwise.

Johnny and Vanessa spent 14 years together and have two children. They went their separate ways in 2012 and he is now engaged to Amber Heard. However, Depp insists that there is no “hostility” between him and Paradis and that they get along “wonderfully”.

He says: “Vanessa and I get along wonderfully. There’s no weirdness at all, no hostility. Life happens and we spent 14 great years together and raised a couple of kids who we are both incredibly proud of. We see each other all the time and giggle and hang out, just like we always did. She’s a wonderful woman. I love her and she loves me and she’s a great mommy. I have nothing bad to say, ever.”

Depp also says that his new fiancée has great relationship with his children.  “They are… super close… They’re like pals and it’s great,” he added.

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7 responses to “Johnny Depp: There’s no hostility between me and Vanessa Paradis”

  1. Tanya says:

    He makes me sick. I prefer Vanessa to this Amber limpet. She is bisexual, he has twice the worry other men have, and this seems to be steaming ahead rather fast after 14 years with another woman. Babies already? This relationship will not last. If Amber is forcing his hand so he can keep her, he`ll be off as soon as he wakes up! Or she will be off with the nanny as soon as Johnny starts balding. The answer to this of course is have more babies. He doesn`t need one, he`s marrying one.

  2. Louise says:

    It is possible for to people to end a relationship and be civil, often friendly, with that person. It’s called behaving like a mature adult and showing each other respect. If more people behaved this way we would see a lot more happy and well rounded children and far poorer divorce lawyers.

  3. Anon says:

    Vanessa is being dignified for the sake of the children but of course she isn’t happy her ‘husband’ dumped her after 14 years for a younger woman and is off to get married. Of course she didn’t ask Depp to marry her – women usually (rightly or wrongly) wait to be asked. Of course Amber ‘wanted’ to be married – otherwise she is just another mistress, and when she leaves him she will get nothing, whereas now kerching. Men are dumb. He is framing ‘yeah everything is ok’ for the media to make himself look and feel better, but he should probably take a look at what happened to Mickey Rooney when he kept trading in…wife number 8 took him to the cleaners. If you’re careless with hearts then in the end you won’t be in anyone’s…

  4. Lars says:

    I understand Johnny Depp, he is an emotional guy and he maybe e shocked to know al the ‘truth’ written about him on internet. We all know how the money here is made and that your reputation is being made by mass media. Its I better to remain ‘blind’ to what they write or spend the rest of your days suffering with insomnia.

  5. Eva says:

    Well the only thing that comes to my mind is bul***t, they were living with each other for fourteen years, they have two wonderful children together, or course Vanessa is hurt even if she is not underlining that, or pointing it out loud. But eventually she is. When they started their family both of them had dreams and aspirations about it, and for a woman it is a completely different thing than for a man, so eventually I am sure right now Vanessa feels betrayed and devastated, a good proof of it is the fact that she is all gone into work and is engaged with a few projects at the same time. The other painful thing for her is the fact that she was with Johnny for so many years, and even born him two children, but he never proposed her to be his legal wife, while Amber he knows for not a long time and they are already engaged, whether she is showing that or not, but I am sure it was a huge strike upon her pride.

  6. Sarah says:

    Hmm, seriously it is funny for me to read something like that, as it is a complete nonsense. I can understand that they stayed not being enemies, but I cannot understand something as they stayed being good friends, it is same as saying “hey cat I am so bored of you being a cat, can you be a dog for me for a little while?” . Johnny doesn’t even realize how deep he has hurt Vanessa with such a behavior. He could have at least wait for awhile with all the engagement thing, so she wouldn’t look so humiliated and dumped in the eyes of the society, but even that was too hard for him to do, as a result the woman that he swear to love till the rest of his life, the woman who believed him and was his support and muse for so many years is now suffering.

  7. Emma says:

    I think Johnny Depp has done a huge mistake when he got split with Vanessa Paradis and joined his life with someone like Amber Heard. Amber loves being famous, and it is pretty obvious to me that right now she is using Johnny and his connections to get as many good roles as she can, and as soon as she will feel that she can “steadily” walk on her carrier without his help she will forget him like he never existed. And it is a pity Depp doesn’t understand this, he wasn’t stopped even by the fact that before him Amber was in a relationship with a woman for a few years. Right now he is so happy for the fact that he feels much younger with Amber, and unfortunately the happier he feels right now, the more miserable he will feel later, but it will be too late. I think it is already late.