Johnny Depp wants tattoo memorial

download Although he originally wanted his funeral to be entertaining, Johnny Depp now has a whole different idea, but one which is equally bizarre. He would actually like his tattoos taken off, stretched and framed after his death and he thinks it’s totally cool.

He told The Times Magazine: ”I originally wanted to be just tossed over a mountain so that people could watch it bounce. Might as well entertain people.  Or maybe just save the tattoos. Because it might revolutionize what happens after death. Take a guy’s tattoos off, make formaldehyde frames where it’s preserved and stretched out and stuff – that doesn’t sound gruesome at all, does it? No. That’s not at all serial killer. That’s totally cool. Can you imagine? ‘What are those?’ ‘Oh, that’s my dad’s tattoos all over that wall’.”

ccbeaafdbfcba20b195f91da22a0a2eeJohnny recently celebrated his 50th birthday and said that reaching the milestone age has made him truly appreciate life. ”It’s great. I mean, I think any day you wake up and you’re still around is a good thing. Every time you could take a breath and exhale and inhale again, it’s a good thing; 50 is like, ‘Sure! Why not?’” he explained.

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