Johnny Depp’s disturbing experience in China


Even though he enjoyed his recent trip to China, Johnny Depp admits there was a disturbing moment with fans that he won’t forget.

The actor came to China to promote his new movie Transcendence and says a weird thing happened during his visit. He went to an abandoned bomb factory, which has been turned into an artist colony, and when some boys with the film’s title shaved into their scalps showed up, Depp was freaked out.

Speaking to WENN, he said: “On the whole, I found a real warmth in the people there. They were very sweet and welcoming. It was quite a turn-out that we had and a lot of strange things went down that I’d rather not talk about ever again in my life.

Johnny Depp

“There were these four little quadruplet Chinese boys dressed in kind of priest outfits, and Transcendence comes out to (is written with) four Chinese characters. Well, they’d shaved those characters onto those little boys’ heads to bring them out on stage with me. I’m pretty shy, so I tend to run when that kind of thing happens. Little boys with their heads shaved into the name of the film; that scares me a little.”


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3 responses to “Johnny Depp’s disturbing experience in China”

  1. Lara says:

    Ha ha, that freaked Johnny Depp, I guess it is funny thing that he said he tends to run away when some weird things are happening to him, I guess it is more the feature of character common not to him, but to the character that he have a performed a long time ago, I mean Jack the Sparrow of course, from the “Pirates of Caribbean”, actually I think it is the best role he have ever performed in his entire life. And I really loved that character. It was making my mood watching the movie, as all the time he had some sarcastic arguments or remarks which were silly on the first sight but if thinking more carefully, they had some serious and deep meaning, like for example his character’s phrase “A problem is not the problem, it is the problem your attitude toward the problem”, since that time I keep always reminding myself this phrase and it helps me not thinking of the bad things, but concentrating on those good ones.

  2. Angela says:

    I only try imagining Johnny Depp running out with a very scared face and it already makes me laugh really hard. The truth is that Johnny is a very talented actor who is able to perform in each kind of genre, but the problem is that he is an actor and he cannot do many things besides that, and it clear to me, that defending himself in the face of some danger is not the thing he can be proud of. Well it is a shame, but never mind, his fans throughout the entire world will love him even if he is scared of some funny and cute things. At least I will for sure. And by the way, I think the situation in China was quite creepy, I think if I were on his place I would do the same thing, except I would be also loudly screaming.

  3. Gina says:

    Hmmm, I think people in China have some very weird sense of humor, I cannot even understand how it happened that they allowed their selves doing something like that. I think every person would start panicking, and some of them (like for example me) would even faint as a result. I guess people are not supposed to act like this with each other, as it is simply not once. And I will not get surprised really much if I will hear the fact that Johnny refuses to visit China any more. I would certainly advice him not to go there anymore, as who knows what can happen there with him next time he will go. Maybe they will sacrifice a few people in front of him on the stage, well I am being ironic here of course right now, as it is of course impossible, but who knows what is on their mind.