Jon Hamm speaks out about Ferguson riots

hamm St. Louis native Jon Hamm has spoken about the riots following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a Ferguson Police Officer.

Ferguson, Missouri, is a place near to where the actor grew up and where his relatives and friends still live, and he explained how hard it is for him to watch everything that’s been going on.

“I used to ride my bike to Ferguson. I know people from Ferguson… It has been rough to watch,” Hamm told People.

“It’s a bad situation all around. There’s no positive spin to it. When all the facts come out, and hopefully all the light is shone on all sides of it, hopefully justice will be carried out. But it’s hard. It’s really hard. That’s my neighborhood, and I know there’s a lot more good people in those neighborhoods than there are bad people.

Jon-Hamm“St. Louis has had a rough couple of decades now. It’d be nice to turn it around a little bit. People in St. Louis, in my experience, are great people. If anybody can do it, we can, and I hope everybody pulls together for the sake of the community. ‘Cause, you know, that’s all you’ve got at the end of the day.”

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