Jon Voight praises granddaughter’s film debut


Seeing his granddaughter Vivienne in Maleficent, Jon Voight felt very proud and praised her performance.

The five-year-old girl appears alongside her mother, Angelina Jolie, in the new Disney film and Jon was thrilled to see her on screen for the first time.

He said: ”Vivienne was magnificent. She’s wonderful. It was a very lovely moment to see Angie with her on screen, and they were terrific together. It was just great.

”It’s the most wonderful thing when you see your little granddaughter, just like when I saw Angie on the screen, you know.”

Angelina’s movie debut happened when she was four years old. It was a 1982 film Lookin’ to Get Out, where she stars alongside her father, but Voight says he cannot compare her to Vivienne.

vivienne-jolie-pitt”You can’t compare them because each one is themselves. But it was really a knockout to see her. I’m telling you. It was great,” he explained.

Speaking about her daughter earlier, Jolie said she was amazed at how easily she adjusted to being on camera.

She said: ”That’s just Vivienne. We call her my shadow. She’s a very… she’s wonderfully affectionate, very much a mommy’s girl and so it was a natural fit. It was very easy and very fun to do.”

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3 responses to “Jon Voight praises granddaughter’s film debut”

  1. Leyla says:

    I think Vivienne has done a great job in the movie “Maleficent” I was at the cinema to see it, and I can say that I, a twenty seven years old girl was very fond of the way she has performed, and this movie has become one of my favorite ones right in a second! The only thing I am worried about is the fact that Angelina Jolie didn’t look very healthy in the movie, she was so skinny that I realized the reason why she was so depressed lately, probably the depression she was in, has also added a lot to the way she was looking. I know she is quite tall so having such a small weight in conformity with such a height is an insane thing. I am glad Angie feels better now, and hopefully soon she will give another movie with her presence to the Earth.

  2. Darla says:

    I think “Maleficent” as far as for now is the best movie ever created by Disney, and I am sure there will be some more of them even, it is only the start. And who knows maybe Angelina will appear in them as well, I loved the way she was calling the little princess “the best” it was so nice considering the fact how hard she tried to show that she hates her, and how affectionate she was towards the little girl at the same time. In reality she was the one who was the beast, but not a simple one, she was a beast who was kind and caring, I would rather say that the king who looked like a human had more features of a real animal than the “Maleficent”. I highly recommend this movie to everyone as it is a wonderful one!

  3. Sally says:

    I am sure that Jon Voight is very proud with Angelina Jolie and his granddaughter, as they both have done some great job in the movie “Maleficent” I can say that I went to the cinema two times in order to see this movie as I enjoyed very much the actors who performed in it, and the way they brought their character to the viewer. I am sure Jon is proud as he clearly sees that he gave a start to the family of actors who from generation to generation are ones of the most demanded in Hollywood, I think every father or grandfather would feel this way. And I am sure that Brad Pitt feels jealous that he haven’t performed in that movie with his wife and child.