Jonah Hill: Filming ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was no fun

jonah Despite what some may think, filming the airplane orgy scene in The Wolf of Wall Street was no fun for Jonah Hill. The actor actually admits he didn’t enjoy it at all.

“It was the most unhygienic scenario I’ve ever been in… It was like an 18-hour day in this enclosed airplane set and there’s a guy’s b**ls, like, three centimeters away from you. Usually when I have a guy’s b**ls three centimeters away from me I’m not on an airplane,” he explains.

The actress cast to perform oral love on his character in the movie was a mother of two young children and Jonah got to know a bit more about her.

He adds, “Her head would be down there and she’d be like, ‘The transition from pre-school to kindergarten is so hard on them’. And you’re like, ‘Yeah, that does seem challenging!'”

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4 responses to “Jonah Hill: Filming ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was no fun”

  1. Anthony says:

    Jonah Hill thanks for the candid interview! ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is a crazy movie. I can understand hwy it was excluded from Oscar nominations. For some actors shooting this move was fun, but I agree to Johan. I wouldn’t want to spend eighteen hours on a stuffy plane suffocating with the male balls 3 centimeters from my face and a mother of two kids complaining on them while pretending to do the blow job. Hehehe, this sounds hilarious to me, but I would never want t be in Jonah Hill’s shoes… on the other hand for the money they are paid, I would possible change my mind. )))

  2. Jordan says:

    I think Jonah Hill lately has became a pain in the a**, all the articles I am reading about him state that he doesn’t like this, or doesn’t’t like that, I guess it is about time for someone to tell him knock it off, as it is about time. The only thing I want to say when I read this article is that he is a cry baby. Come on, stand up Jonah and be a man, as parents have created you. Yes maybe the working conditions were pretty difficult and not sanitary perfect, but still you were not the only actor who was there, there were women also, who are more fragile than men, but still you are the only person complaining I see here and that sucks.

  3. Jenna says:

    Well, I can certainly understand Jonah Hill, I think for me it would be hard working in this kind of conditions if I were overweight as well, but I am wondering since when did he become so sensitive towards the working conditions, I remember a few years ago he was a totally different person whom was working his a** hard in order to get where he is now, while now all I see is a person who became so spoilt by the fame, and fans, probably he got the so called “star” disease which is not good, as usually actors who start “suffering” from it become arrogant, and as a result they lose all of their friends and start being addicted to something.

  4. Ashley says:

    I guess since Jonah Hill has lost almost half of its weight, he became a very unpleasant person, and the matter about the weight is the only reasonable idea that comes to my mind. Like for example when I am on a diet I start acting like a bi**h as well, I clearly don’t like anything, I am grumpy and annoying, so the same thing with Jonah, probably he is all bored, and maybe misses the other half of his body. LOL. Well that was kind of rude joke; probably I should take it back, mmm on the second though I will not do it, as there Jonah, here is your payback for being so picky and not nice lately. I am sure that not only all of Jonah’s fans have noticed the changes in his mood and character, but his friends from the motion stage as well. I am sure I am not the only person who likes the previous Jonah who was the “heart” of each event, much more than the present one. Well anyways everything changes so hopefully he will change as well.