Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks Hollywood movies are like adult movie

joseph_gordon-levitt_687040 Don Jon filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt has compared Hollywood movies to adult movie as they both project ”unrealistic expectations” of relationships.

He has expressed this idea through his new movie about a adult movie-addicted womanizer.

”I think they’re both very similar. They both create equally unrealistic expectations and desires towards the opposite love. So, it’s a comparison I very intentionally wanted to make,” the actor said.

He also added: ”I certainly don’t watch adult movie like the character does. I won’t say I’ve never watched it. But, personally, I’ve been much more heavily influenced by romantic movies than pornography.”


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One response to “Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks Hollywood movies are like adult movie”

  1. Ashley says:

    We all get great expectations after watching Hollywood movies. Whether it is good or bad everyone decides for him/herself! I also believe each movie can be perceived different depending on your life conditions and certain moments. I have watched the trailer to the movie and I find it interesting, though the idea of porn and women repeats throughout the trailer, I guess throughout the movie as well. I know now it was done on purpose. I will wait for the movie to see the screens on the 1st of November, if I am not mistaken, and see what lesson it teaches us.