Josh Charles skips People’s Choice Awards for honeymoon

josh-charles-food-bank-for-new-york_3638184 Good Wife star Josh Charles was named Favorite Dramatic TV Actor at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday but he wasn’t there to accept the award.

He couldn’t come to the ceremony because he is on honeymoon in Thailand, so his co-star Julianna Margulies collected the prize on his behalf.

She explained, “Josh Charles has an incredible excuse not to be here – he’s on his honeymoon in Thailand, so I’m accepting this on his behalf, but as someone who gets to work with him every day and has known him for 10 years as a dear friend, I’m so grateful to all of you for choosing such a beautiful, nuanced, wonderful actor that I’m lucky enough to have as my leading man. Thank you.”

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One response to “Josh Charles skips People’s Choice Awards for honeymoon”

  1. Ted Ronan says:

    Josh, not a big loss! Honeymoon is the vital thing! You will remember it for sure! Family comes first! And Thailand is an unforgettable place on earth! So, dear enjoy it and the award is your anyways. Besides, you have such a great representative to get your prize that you don’t have to worry. Julianna Margulies made a great speech I liked it. I couldn’t invent any better.