Josh Hutcherson has ”polite stalkers”

josh-hutcherson_3960069 Thanks to his role in the hit movie franchise The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson rose to fame.

The actor has amassed a huge fan base but says that he has ”polite stalkers” after two young girls showed up at his house and surprised him with their manners.

He told Bliss magazine: ”Last Christmas, the doorbell rings after dinner, I go get the door and there are two young girls and their mother crying. I have no idea how they found out where I live. They told me that they drove down from Chicago on the chance that I might be home. Then they watched me through the window and said, ‘We were waiting for you to finish eating.’ So they were polite stalkers!”


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One response to “Josh Hutcherson has ”polite stalkers””

  1. Kristen says:

    Well, Josh Hutcherson is indeed a lucky actor to have polite stalkers. Still stalking is not polite! LOL. Still he just gained his fame recently, so he will see all sorts of stalking I believe, though I wish him to come across only polite and positive fans and stalkers not to spoil his life and share negative emotions. I admire you, Josh and wish you much professional success.