Jude Law: I Don’t Take Painkillers

Jude-Law Jude Law recently revealed that he has never taken any kind of drugs, not even a painkiller. The 40-year-old actor explains that he was taught in his early childhood not to use medication because his mother was against it. Even today he sticks to that principle. He says: “I grew up in a family where I didn’t even get headache tablets. My mother wasn’t a health freak, but she had strong principles. In the 70s, that was just becoming popular: we shouldn’t eat this and that, or not watch TV that much. And a dislike of painkillers and pills was a part of it.”

Jude explains what kind of family he grew up in. “My family mainly had this martyr-like north English attitude: don’t complain, it will be fine. If you are cold, put a pullover on. And if you hurt yourself, just get up again.”_39635783_mother

The actor claims that he had a happy childhood and he is thankful for that kind of upbringing. “They loved me very, very much. In England, we call that ‘tough love’. I just have no relation to medicine and until now, I have been lucky not to need them for emotional or psychological reasons – fingers crossed!”

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