Jude Law: Kids keep me sane

jude-law-uk-film-premiere-of-dom_3926526 Being an actor for years, Jude Law claims it’s a crazy world and is thankful to his four kids for keeping him sane.

Speaking to USA Today, he said: ”Acting is what I get to do only in the hours I’m not parenting, which is everything to me. My children keep me sane in what is a mad world – particularly mad if you choose to be an actor.”

Jude is currently starring on stage in Shakespeare’s Henry V in London. The show runs until February and he is looking forward to taking a break.

”I’ll be unemployed as of then. It’s not like I want to stop working – it’s not like I can. You’ve got to pay the bills, like everyone else. But I’m not desperate. There’s a certain physical demand to doing eight shows a week, and I haven’t had a break in 18 months. By February I’ll be quite ready for a break, and I’m going to take one,” he added.

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One response to “Jude Law: Kids keep me sane”

  1. Mickey says:

    Respect to Jude Law for his great acting career, but even more of the respect for his great parenting and ability to be sane and be himself in his family. I hope that he gets enough of rest and spend it with his family. Yes, we all have to pay the bills and people, who want to achieve something in life work hard and smart, but their families also need them. I am happy Jude is so devoted to his parenting abilities. Having read this article I have seen the real man and not only the characters he presents on a big screen.